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One person at a time. 10 lbs. at a time.

The biggest threat to our health, and the health of future generations, is hiding in the shadows. It’s time to face it. ViSalus leads the way, providing a platform for people to come together and fight obesity head-on. With good nutrition as our foundation and a powerful social network as our mobilizer, we’re committed to providing a real solution to this growing global epidemic. Big companies helped create this problem; we’ve challenged ourselves to be the company and community that helps solve it.

Why “Taking Weight off the World?"
Making the world healthier starts with making people healthier. Combining good nutrition, education and our passionate Promoter network, ViSalus is committed to fighting the biggest threat to our physical well-being and the fastest-growing cause of preventable death—obesity.

Why “One Person at a Time”?
It’s a mission that starts with one. Then it grows into many—touching and transforming millions more lives by educating, inspiring, motivating and sharing the success of healthy living with others. From our company, throughout our communities, and over borders—a healthy world begins with one.

Why “10 lbs. at a Time?”
Helping millions of people lose millions of pounds has shown us one thing: The secret to success lies in the first 10 lbs. Losing just 10 lbs. makes a noticeable difference and has an immediate impact on a person’s mental and physical health. It’s a key milestone in any weight-loss journey—no one has ever lost 100 lbs. without losing the first 10! Through PROJECT 10™ and PROJECT 10 Kids, ViSalus not only rewards those who accomplish this success, but compounds that success by paying it forward to future generations.